Monday, January 24, 2011

Snow, snow, more snow, now class!

This is the first year I have ever been able to say that I was excited for the first week of school, because there wasn't any! The traditional first week of school was filled with sledding, snow ball fights, and a little bit of cabin fever. I felt the kid inside of me burst with excitement at the prospect of canceled school and agonized day after day hoping it would happen again. The second week was odd as well, because the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday provided students with a three day school week. Each day was spend analyzing teachers, pondering the possibility of dropping classes, or dropping college all together and moving to a warm island somewhere.  Today is the first full day, of the first full week of school, and it is long. I am starting to think that I could be really good bar tending in Fiji. Getting used to schedules and becoming organized will take some getting used to. With only three semesters left (hopefully!) every grade, internship, and recommendation count so it is time to buckle down and hit the books, at least until spring break (which plans are already in the works). That is if I can quit think about the new puppy at my apartment Colston Knicks Frykman. The little schnauzer-hound mix is going to make it a lot harder to think about class. Here we go, pray for A's!