Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Couch to 5K

     Today I started training for my very first 5k. I am not a runner and have never been very active and this whole process actually started about four years ago. When I graduated high school I was a size 16 and pushing it. I had spent high school laying around, eating a lot and had hit my heaviest at about 185. When I started college I recieved a packet that said we had access to free personal trainers through our gym and I thought that would be great. I called to make an appointment and they were booked so the whole idea went on the back burner for about a year.
     Sophmore year I made it a step further. I called the office and they said I first needed to get a microfit test (it shows you your weight, blood pressure, body fat, and other numbers someone who already knows they are fat just does not want to see). This time I didn't even try to make an appointment, I think I put the micro fit test away so I wouldn't have to look at the numbers anymore and let another year go by.
     Junior year however things really started to change. I got another microfit test because I figured my last one was probably expired and I made an appointment. I tiney tiny appointment was open with who I would later find was the best trainer in the place. I started working out in February and by May when I left to go home for summer I had dropped 10 pounds.
     The summer however was a struggle. It is easy to eat healthy and plan when it is just you, but when you have to try and make two little kids do it too, it is like climbing a mountain carrying the both of them. ( I babysit my two younger sisters in the summer). So when school started again in the fall I was still the same weight just wearing summer clothes.
     Now this next part I would not recomend but it is true so I am cataloging it. September came and the week after Labor Day I found out my dad had congestive heart failure and needed to have quadrouple bypass heart surgery. (Thank you to the wonderful ICU staff at St. Joseph's Hospital and Dr. Sloane Guy for taking wonderful care of my dad and saving his life. The regular nursing staff is another story) This is a time when I went on what I like to refer to as the "hospital diet". Stress, worry, taking care of my family, and being the secretary for all calls from out of town relatives inquriing for undates eating just didn't happen. So I dropped another 10 pounds by October.
     For there things got a lot less dramatic. I slowly lost a few more pounds over christmas and the next few months, and then in late February I got the flu (another weight loss regemine I would not recomend). Since then I have been focusing on school work and ignoring most things heath and wellness related.
     This week I started to feel this ich to get things back on track. I made appointment with my trainer Brain (who deserves much more credit that he has gotten so far, and is a wonderful trainer/friend/listner/someone who has had to watch me throw up and cry my eyes out, trust me he does not get paid enough) and have decided to get my excerise life back on track. I have also relaized that I need to make some fitness goals for once and see what I can accomplish. Now that you are caught up on the fitness saga ( much less interesting than twilight) you understand what a long time coming this 5k is. I am hoping that logging my progress my help me stay focused and stick with it, and that is why I am following the training program couch to 5k I found online (the only one I could find that you didn't already have to be able to run a mile and a half, IF I AM HALF WAY THERE WHY DO I NEED TO TRAIN???????)
-Day 1, ran 1 min, walked 1 min for 20 minutes with an additional warm up and cool down. Convinced my heart rate was way too high, but still going back for more on thrusday.

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