Monday, April 18, 2011

Was that Treadmill Running, or real running?

So I have become a little slack this last week about posting. I ran on Thursday and Saturday, but I went out of town and was so exhausted because of my steller running performance that I forgot to post. Both Thursday and Saturday were good running days. On Thursday after my record- breaking thuesday run of 15min, I ran even longer for 20min!!! I was really excited about this but not everyone else was. Now when trying to lose weight, or training it is important to remember that not everyone wants to hear about your progress. This is compleatly fine. Not everyone wants to know your diet or running aches, and it is important not to become one of those people who is always talking about salads or how freeing running feels. (I pray I am not one of these people because I do not agree with either statement). I feel that I have been able to stay grounded throughout my numberous training achievements, but like everyone else sometimes you need a mental check. This came in the form of my mother and father this week. I talked to my mom after my 20 min run on Thursday and lets just say that sunflower seeds were way more interseting that my excersise rambelings. She even made sure to tell me that she didn't have anything to say because I was perfectly capeable of doing all the talking. A.K.A (SHUT UP YOU TALK TO MUCH) Then even better on Friday I decided to call my dad and tell him, because this time I was hoping for a little praise. (Winey I know but sometime a girl needs it). My dad was able to do me one better. When I told him I had a recordbreaking 20min run his response was "Thats good, was it on the treadmill or real running?" Seriously? When was the last time you ran for 20min without stopping. I know I didn't cure cancer or run a marathon, but for someone who just had heart surgery maybe you could be a little more supportive of someone working on their health. Whatever was meant of these loving statements of support, they ended up being motivation, because when it was time to run on Saturday my stubborn ass ran "FOR REAL" "OUTSIDE"!!! And not only did I run outside, I ran for 23:30, and I ran 2 miles my longest and farthest run to date. Thanks for the support and stubborn traits mom and dad, you now have a daughter that can run " FOR REAL"!

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