Saturday, April 9, 2011

Turkey Trot

Today I compleated week one of 5k training. I started off the morning pretty well. I ate some oatmeal and went to the gym. I am convinved that it has gotten too hot outside and my body is expanding in reaction to the warm weather because my workout pants were entirely too tight this morning. The scale wasn't mean, but as tight as spandax is, mine looked like it was painted on. Then when I got to the gym the air conditioner didn't work so it was 80 degrees in the gym. For some reason, maybe in an attempt to try and stroke out, I decided to try and run intervals at 6.0 today. So me and my painted spandax poured sweat for about half an hour and then I went and got my nails done. When I got home I was starving. I have a complete loathing for the grocery store, and havn't been in over a month so the only food I had in the house was a leftover salad from the chinese restruant I ate at last night (maybe another reason for the swelling). I ate the salad and tried to decide on a lunch place when my friend called and after craving hot dogs (so weird) for a week we went to Five Guys. After eating entirely too much greese the running gods must have been trying to send me a sign because standing right next to my car in the parking lot was what looked like a cross between a turkey and a vulture. It had the body of a turkey but it had a weird bald head. I am guessing that it was sick or diseased, but a woman walked right up to it to take a picture and it started following her. I took that opportunity to run to may car before I got bit or beaked or whatever. I am taking that as a sign that greesy foods are counterproductive to training and I went to the grocery store this evening. No more Five Guys for me :(

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