Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No Treadmill, No run, or maybe not?

Today didn't seem like a bad day, but it definetly had it's moments. This morning I was running late but it was totally worth the time spent laying in my bed, with the sun ever so slightly streaming in, and feeling perfectly warm and content under the covers. When I made it home I made my third trip to Kroger to see if they had finally gotten new produce in and bought some things for lunch and then made my real trick of the day. While slicing chicken the plate slipped and i almost grabbed the chicken before it hit the floor, but my grip landed on the knife instead and now my middle figner is bandaged up and it feels slightly vulgar like its broken because I have used it too much. Despite my war wound I went to the gym, but when I got there non of the treamills worked. I walked around like an idiot flipping switches thinking one of them might control the power outlets on the wall. I settle for the stairmaster which is usually the devil but was suprisingly nice today. Then the real maddness set in. Maybe it was from blood loss but after dinner Katie wanted to go running and planned to go to the gym at the school. Since I had earlier planned on trying to run for 15 minutes I said I would go with her. (or again maybe it was just the blood loss) Just so you know running after dinner is NOT a good idea. The longest I have run so far is 12:30 which is how long it takes me to do a mile. I ran for 15 minutes a new record but the whole time I ran it felt like I had bricks in my stomach. No joke, I truly thought for the first time I might actually throw up in the gym (actually I have thrown up in the gym before, that exact one, but it was the result of Brian's influence, or at least I like to blame him) Regardless I made it 15 minutes!I also started training with Brian again this week and I have another appointment with him tomorrow which I think I might deeply regret in the morning because my legs are exhausted right now, I can't imagine how they are going to feel in the morning.

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